When it comes to service delivery, there are at least four features of this business that can be mentioned at this time. In providing industrialists promptly and effectively with their required aerospace fasteners, industrial service providers should have installed quality control measures. Alongside of that, they are operating a ‘vendor managed inventory – VMI’. And to ensure that all goods and services, parts, components, fasteners, and the like are optimally provisioned, the service providers should be positioned to provide their industrial customers with so-called kitting services to go along with their safe and on-time consignments.

Quality control checks and balances are helped through a product scanning system. Similar QA standards should be applied to the service provider’s VMI and consignment schedules. The VMI (vendor managed inventory) means this. Quality assurance work can and should also be deferred over to the client. It is not so much a case of the service provider ducking or bucking from his work, but more a welcome case of the industrial customer being able to take full ownership of his own ordered inventory.

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This should be empowering enough as it is. Work for the customer should be made all the more easier through the use of a barcoded management system. It is user friendly and affords the customer the convenience of quick yet accurate processing of orders. The VMI system alleviates a lot of cumbersome and labor-intensive work. Quicker QA times allow the client to spend more time on his core business.

 A price management system is also in place, allowing the client to consolidate all of his own billing arrangements. Product throughput remains optimized and logistical challenges can always be eliminated, if not that, then at least minimized. Kitting services provide customers pressed for time with flexible and challenge free delivery and receipt solutions.